We at Envoy Lighting believe that working together as a team is crucial to customer satisfaction and company success. Each department works side by side to drive success. Even though we believe in working hard, we feel a work-life balance is essential to a successful company.

  • Learn by doing - As a small team, we learn new tricks every day to help get the job done.
  • Take Ownership - We trust each team member to own their role or department. Be curious, take the initiative, learn from mistakes and continue to grow.
  • Commitment To Each other - We urge our team to step outside their comfort zone and learn how each department helps the other to be successful.
  • Work Hard/Live Hard - It's important for our team to feel successful in and outside of the office.


Envoy Lighting has manufacturers representatives throughout the United States. Please email or call us for the Envoy representative in your area.

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